The work of Michael Schnabel

I recently posted Helen Yentus‘ cover for Peace, only to have her lay the smack down on me for not properly crediting the photographer, Michael Schnabel.

As it turns out, the photo used is from a series titled Stille Berge, or, Silent Mountains, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

“Photographing the Alps in my own vision was a creative process that developed over years. One day – or night rather – it clicked. … The night and its silence gives the mountains a sublimity, feeling of raw creation and aloofness that I strived to capture in my work.”

I’ve posted a few from the series below, including the one used on Yentus’ cover.

Visit his site for the full series. (The site is a bit weird. Follow these directions: English (beware fullscreen popup) -> Work -> Waterscapes -> Stille Berg -> Show Set)

July 8th, 2009 by Pieratt

4 Responses to “The work of Michael Schnabel”

  1. brilliant. and here I thought it was a regular photo desaturated and darkened in photoshop. what an ass i am. That is something that is often overlooked: CREDIT THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The designer just laid the type out—the poor photographer had to trek the friggin Alps!

  2. K says:

    Those images are beautiful and haunting. The photographer definitely deserves credit.

  3. beakeddeno says:

    А можно узнать как это делается?

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