A Better Tomorrow needs a publisher

A Better Tomorrow, a new book from members of the online community Newstoday/QBN, is seeking to raise money for the Patrick O’Brien Foundation. As some of you know, the multi-talented Patrick O’Brien (AKA Transfatty) was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease a few years ago and is trying to raise money to help support his efforts to document his struggle.

It’s a great cause and what looks to be a great book. The publisher they had lined up has fallen through at the last moment and now they’re left dangling. If you know anyone in the publishing industry, or have access to a podium which you know is being read by the people in industry, considering helping out and mentioning this effort.

A Better Tomorrow official site
The Patrick O’Brien Foundation

Official trailer:

May 31st, 2009 by Pieratt

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