Meta-news regarding Peter Mendelsund:

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I just helped him put together a holding page while he figures out what to do with his new site.

…Oh c’mon. It’s funny.

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He’s got a new interview up over at Caustic Cover Critic:
Q: So how did you end up in design?
A: [...] Chip and I laugh now about our various expectations going into this meeting- he sees a LOT of work, and his feeling was: “Here’s another friend-of-a-friend whose substandard work I have to pretend to encourage” and for my part I was thinking “Book jacket design is the most ludicrous job I’ve ever heard of shy of poodle-wrangling, and who names their child Chip Kidd?”

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I got my hands on the Fall 2009 Knopf Catalog, which Mendelsund designed.
Holy crap.

May 25th, 2009 by Pieratt

4 Responses to “Mendelbrot”

  1. Dan says:

    That Mendelsund… He’s rubbish isn’t he? LOL. ;-)

  2. Well done Peter! I love the ideas throughout the catalog. A Clever AND a elegantly beautiful way of commenting on all the changes going on at Knopf / Random House.

    Ben, Great job on the SPINE OUT placeholder. Another clever idea that now I won’t be able to do.


  3. mark lamster says:

    page 36 is especially good.

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