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A handful of updates to the Book Cover Archive worth mentioning:

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I’ve linked the Book Cover Archive to my twitter feed:
I’ve also put together a dedicated account in case you don’t feel like hearing about the other stuff that I’ve got going on (jerk!):

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Since the launch of the site back in February I’ve added a couple portfolios to the “PORTFOLIO SITES OF BOOK COVER DESIGNERS” list in the mega footer on the Archive:

High Design
Christopher Brand
Chin-Yee Lai
Ben Wiseman
David Gee

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We’ve recently added a small bit of functionality to the Archive. When available (not all that often), we’re going to start offering higher resolution versions of the covers. For example. I’ll be going back through and updating old posts to reflect this change as time allows.

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That’s it.

May 22nd, 2009 by Pieratt

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