The Spook House

An amazing student project from designer Tom Petty (best URL ever?)

…I therefore decided to hand-draw the type in a traditional style seen on signs of the period, so I had to cut all of the letters by hand with a scalpel out of 400 gsm (140 lb) board and run it through a traditional press.

See more over at For Print Only.

Thanks Alison!

November 24th, 2009 by Pieratt

3 Responses to “The Spook House”

  1. Imaginative concept….ideal book cover for a horror story…. had it been designed on black it would have given a Gothic feel….the spine could have been designed…not much impressed by the typography on the spine….

  2. wilwarin says:

    that is great! i could buy one without knowing the content, just to have it on my shelf.

  3. That is one cool project, student or otherwise. Great concept!

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