Ian Shimkoviak, Book Cover Design’s #1 Fan

If you follow design blogs at all, then you know the name Ian Shimkoviak. The guy is a whirlwind of opinions and comments. Henry Sene Yee posts a new cover? He’s got something to say about that. The Book Design Review has a question? Ian’s got an answer or five. While the incessant participation can wear thin on occasion, I can say with all honesty that I appreciate his enthusiasm and general attitude of respectful critique.

So let this be a public high-five to Ian, all you regulars out there should feel free to do the same (or not).

Also note that Shimkoviak is no slouch of a designer. You can check out his work at his personal site, or BookDesigners.com

ian shimkoviak

ian shimkoviak

July 10th, 2009 by Pieratt

7 Responses to “Ian Shimkoviak, Book Cover Design’s #1 Fan”

  1. Peters says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Ian’s cool. And a very good designer. Just a tad of a stalker though.

  2. That is some really beautiful work. What I love about Ian: if me and some book cover designers were in a back alley fight with a rabid tattooed marketing team, he’d have our back. Every time.

  3. Here here. Cheers to Ian. He is a very good designer. The guy lives and breaths books.

  4. They guy’s got skillz… plus, when it comes to book covers… he’s the most loyal guy I know. Like Nate said, he’d have my back.

  5. Joe Sullivan says:

    He’s also a champion cup stacker and a tomcat in the sack (or so the ladies say). ;-)

  6. Alan Hebel says:

    For someone who has worked with Ian for many years I must say that I have never seen anyone as dedicated to their craft as he.

  7. Shani Touch says:

    I love all kinds of tattoos! These are some of my favorites. Thanx

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