The work of Elizabeth Avedon

Elizabeth Avedon does beautiful design work.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering: No, I don’t know if she’s related to Richard Avedon, but I doubt the name is a coincidence. Avedon didn’t have any daughters so if I had to guess, I’d probably say she’s his daughter-in-law. She makes no mention of it on the site so I’m guessing it’s just none of my business.

Celebrity relatives aside, she does a brilliant job of framing the work of fine artists the world over. Do yourself a favor and struggle through her flash-based site to take a gander at a tremendous body of work.

Elizabeth Avedon Design

Elizabeth Avedon Design

Elizabeth Avedon Design

April 30th, 2009 by Pieratt

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  2. Carlos Bravo says:

    Conozco el libro ” In the American West “, pues he tenido la suerte de verlo con tranquilidad.
    La calidad de la obra es altísima, tanto por las fotografías como por la edición del libro.
    A mi personalmente me ha gustado mucho.


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