At times, ugly is unavoidable

It’s no rare occasion that your book of choice has a horrible cover. In such cases, you could do worse than Book City Jackets. A charming solution straight out of middle school. 12$ for a set of three.



October 15th, 2009 by Pieratt

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  1. Maja Pelc says:

    Great, I love the idea. I used to do the same with cd covers, that somehow were never up to my high standards. There were seriously few cds that managed to keep their covers before landing on the cd rack. I mean, you want the cover to bring out the best of what’s inside. Entice you. Charm you into exploring the contents. And sometimes it just doesn’t measure up. I was also raised in enormous respect for the written word and books were like bread – you could never throw them away. It was a blasphemy. You couldn’t just stain them with butter while devouring a piece of your favourite literature along with the breakfast. We made these kind of paper covers out of the newspapers all the time.
    They just weren’t as beautiful…

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