Christopher Tobias

A couple notes on Christopher Tobias:

- Just added his new cover for Age of Wonder. Art Directed by Jonathan Sainsbury & Brian Barth. The type sold me.

- You’ve probably already seen his new blog: Group Thinkery, “An ongoing discussion of books, design, & publishing”. It reads like a teacher’s lounge for cover designers.

- I’m not sure when he redesigned his site, Outerwear For Books, but it’s easily one of the nicest book cover portfolio presentations I’ve seen. Really loving the simplicity (shame that it’s done in Flash, though).

September 3rd, 2009 by Pieratt

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  1. Christopher strikes me as a very well balanced person. I think that his work, the portfolio and the blogs all point at someone who is savvy in this industry and wants to create a larger, global recognition of this industry. I think if more designers plug their thoughts into the Group Thinkery, you could eventually have a pretty cool book from it.

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