How do you use the Book Cover Archive?

Over the course of the next several months, we’re going to be making some new additions and improvements to the site. We have a number of things lined up, but it would help us immensely if we had a better sense as to our audience’s expectations and habits.

A couple questions for you:

– How do you use the Archive? (for instance, do you simply check out the front page occasionally, or do you dive deep into meta data categories?)
– What additions would you like to see?
– What parts of the Archive are driving you nuts?
– Any other notes you’d like to make?

That’s it. We certainly appreciate it.

August 7th, 2009 by Pieratt

12 Responses to “How do you use the Book Cover Archive?”

  1. strng says:

    1. Inspiration, heh
    2. Not only english-speaking countries, but Asia, Europe, maybe Africa, ex-USSR
    AND MAKE COVER SIZE BIGGER please. We live at big monitors times, I wanna see details.
    3. thx for being

  2. Alan says:

    I follow the RSS feed but rarely actually visit the front page. All the metadata stuff is very useful. The more of it the better.

    Everything is great. Maybe more images for books (spines? back covers? the whole design with spine and back? the option for users to submit images?) And maybe notes on any specific production details (finishes etc). And link covers to versions that are as high res as possible?

    It would also be very classy if you could get grayscale adverts (to go with the grayscale design book thumbs).

    But topnotch job so far. Just more of the same, please.

  3. Barna says:

    I check the rss feed at evry post. When im interested i check the blog, the metadata, comments. maybe a wider range of selection, news, debates.
    doing a great job, keep it up

  4. Jessica says:

    I subscribe to the rss feed, but I flip through the archive, page by page, when I need some inspiration for a project. It helps me to clear my mind and see how other designers solve problems.

    It would be great if there were more information about the covers, any special printing techniques, spot varnishes, font selection, etc. It would also be interesting, although I don’t know how plausible it would be, if the designers of the book covers had some kind of option to upload initial process sketches or a paragraph about the project.

    In the RSS feed, I wish the images for the covers were larger. They lose a bit of their impact when they are so tiny.


  5. I subscribe to the feed and like get that little jolt of inspiration on a daily basis. I occasionally come to the site itself for further inspiration. You are doing a great job providing that.

  6. It’d be cool to have some kind of randomize feature, which would display the covers in a different order when you click them. This might be particularly useful when you’re just cruising for some inspiration, and want to shake it up.

  7. just keep doing what you’re doing dude. it’s amazing to have this kind of archive. It will never be perfect, but it still gives an overwhelming sense of what good book cover work looks like.

  8. – through rss
    – interviews with cover designers

    – anyway, i like it like it is

  9. Ana Sanchez says:

    - I subscibe to the feed, I like to check what´s going on over the rainbow. And try to learn, follow and grow here. (Colombia)
    - I would like to see, how those book looks at the shelf of a store… You know I would like to see how the good desing books works at the real world. I love the books you post here, but I can’t see them in my life. In the libreries of my country don’t use to be work like this, and at work I try to do stuff like this, but usually they don’t undersand what I do. So I have to show them your work, and then they say that this kind of design woudn’t works in latin american market. So I would like to see some of the competitor of the books you post, and how they are different among them. How this work you show are best.
    -Keep doing what you’re doing , I’m very thank.

  10. I use the rss feed, but also like to click through the site’s pages, or click on a designer’s name to see his or her other jackets.

    It’s great to have this online archive; keep up the good work!

  11. Alison says:

    1. I use the RSS feed, but if a cover strikes me, I usually click the designers name to see their other work. I also sometimes click the Amazon links when a book seems particularly interesting. I love the meta-data categories. I wish I could organise everything into such categories. It makes finding things very easy
    2. Information about HOW designers designed a cover. I love to read about process and conceptualisation. Especially with books… how do they get to the image on the front cover?
    3. Nothing, I love this site. It doesnt update too often, which is good for me, since those sites that update all the time tend to get left behind in my RSS reader since I do not have the time to look at 1000′s of postings per day. I like the clean simple design, the tags, and the image size is good – not too small that you can’t see anything, yet not tooooo big. could be a little bigger though ;)
    4. Keep up the fantastic work. This site opened my eyes to the amazing world of book cover design, which I previously had never given much thought to, so thank you

  12. Mazuhl says:

    1. I slurp it through an RSS feed reader. I just like seeing good examples of book/graphic design. Maybe once a week/fortnight I come through to the site proper.

    2. Info about how covers were designed, the inspirations and process would all be great.

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