“Mo-books (this is how I call e-books for mobile devices)” says author Nick Podpisany, (you guys can thank me for not title this entry “Mo Books Mo Problems” later). Nick just wrote in saying:

I am a tech-fiction writer. This is my e-book, which is supposed to be a first one dedicated to users of mobile devices. What might be interesting for you is that a cover was designed specifically to look great on a screen of an iPhone.
I’ve designed the cover myself having in mind 5 goals to achieve:

• to keep the proportions of the iPhone screen
• to design in RGB mode, not CMYK mode – it opens the mind in terms of using much brighter colours
• to use iPhone-specific design elements – f.e. the middle oval flash
• to have black as a dominant colour – by this the book cover could actually become a part of the iPhone front
• to refer to the iPhone’s tech clean style – being at the same time a good illustration of the idea of the book itself

Password Incorrect

(read more about his book here.)

It’s an interesting question.
Do covers need to be designed differently for mobile devices? I suspect not. Book covers are already designed to catch a buyer’s eye from across the store, so reducing them in size shouldn’t detract from their poster-qualities.

Case in point:

mobile book covers

Though I will say that designing covers in RGB would be a nice non-constraint.

April 10th, 2009 by Pieratt

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