John Gall v. Corbis

One of my favorite covers of recent memory is John Gall’s design for Like You’d Understand, Anyway.

– Aesthetically, it just does it for me. NASA photo with a classic serif thrown on top. Orange reflective on a bright blue background. Just killer. (Do yourself a favor and ignore the kerning.)

– (Most of) the stories in the book deal with base human emotions within the context of extraordinary events. One of the short stories involves a love-struck female cosmonaut who walks around in a bright orange spacesuit. Whoever found the image did such an amazing job relating it to the content. Not only did it match the story line in a literal sense, but you’ve got a guy about to be propelled into space at 10,000miles an hour standing there like he’s wondering who’s gonna bring him a ham sandwich.

Anyway, going through the Corbis collection tonight for a project and ran across the source material. Turns out the color is all a sham. Which is equally awesome for entirely different reasons.

© H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis
1960′s Man In Silver Astronaut Space Suit And Helmet

- It’s a great book. Read it.
- Though I found the image through Corbis, the source is credited to ClassicStock.

March 18th, 2009 by Pieratt

3 Responses to “John Gall v. Corbis”

  1. Ricky Irvine says:

    It’s funny that “stories” is placed over his crotch.

  2. Sonuwaibu says:

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