The Book Cover Archive is Go

We’re proud to announce that the new Book Cover Archive is now live and fully operational.

• 800+ books and 180+ designers
• Cross-indexed meta data
• Custom comments system
• Fully browseable master list of all content
• Smart URLs
• Smart keyword searches

The real strength of the site lays in the cross-indexed meta data. Click on an author’s name and see any other books they have in the archive. Click on a designers name and see all work by that designer. More often than not, a single person will have multiple instances of meta data associated with their name. For instance, Chip Kidd (unsurprisingly) has the unique honor of being the only person in the archive with every possible attribution filled: Author, Designer, Art Director, Photographer, and Illustrator.

Speaking of which, we have made a significant effort to try and track down as many Photographer, Illustrator and Art Director credits as possible. We are undoubtedly missing a good number of them, however, so do us a favor and use the email link on each cover’s page to let us know when we’ve come up short.

A couple other favorite entries:
• Publisher:The Penguin Great Ideas series
• Genre: Science Fiction
• Designer: Paul Sahre
• Photographer: Jason Fulford

We’re invested in this thing for the long haul, so check back often for a steady stream of improvements and additions. We look forward to any feedback, suggestions or submissions you may have.

January 8th, 2009 by Pieratt

14 Responses to “The Book Cover Archive is Go”

  1. Great idea! Thanks a lot for this!

  2. Congratulations. Best website about book covers I know. Thanks for this.

  3. chris says:

    looks great! job well done, eric and ben!

  4. AJT says:

    So great. Thank you.

  5. This is the hottest thing since Shutterstock! Kidding. This is sweet guys. Way to go! I’ll be on here every day.

  6. This is really exceptional, you guys. I just blogged about it — and thank you for the sidebar link, by the way.

    My only suggestion would be a way to get more information about the individual covers, where available. I’m imagining a “related links” section, so that if Henry Sene Yee has done a post on the development of a given cover or, y’know, Readerville (or a number of other sources) has done a write-up, that those additional items would be collected together on the book’s page. I know I’d be happy to provide you with links and am sure others would as well.

  7. Pieratt says:

    Karen, we agree completely.
    For now, the best place for additional resources is in the comments section.

    It’s not the sexiest solution, but it will get the job done until we have a better method in place.

  8. re: “live and fully operational,” am I the only person who pictures this when I read it:

  9. Torquil says:

    Fantastic resource, thank you!

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  11. ronnie says:

    Lovely idea and well done. Thanks

  12. August says:

    Ben, might I suggest a link (other than in this entry) the site itself somewhere on this blog? I was reading the blog today, and decided I wanted to hop to directly the archive, and I hadn’t bookmarked it, because I already had the blog bookmarked, and I figured there’s be a link to the site proper on here somewhere. I couldn’t find one.

  13. dhammarati says:

    just want to say thanks. wonderful to see so many well chosen, well designed covers in one place.

    and glad to read that the site will be here for ‘the long haul’.

    thanks, ian

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