Christopher Tobias interviews David Drummond

Nice interview with one of the industry’s more interesting designers working today.

Things seem to go pretty fast for me, at least for the first round. Maybe half a day for a couple of comps. For some books like that dog book I mentioned, I’ll read the manuscript and just let it stew for a couple of weeks. When I do start comping-up an idea, I kind of engage in brutal self-editing and ditch ideas that don’t work. If I feel I am forcing an idea, that is an indication that I should move on.

I remember an interview I saw with an actor on Actors Studio where he said you have to be willing to embarrass yourself when trying things out for a scene. I think that is true in design as well. I sometimes come up with an idea and think, “Naaahh, they won’t go for it.” I almost always send it and don’t really mind if they think, “What the hell is this?“ If it feels a little wrong, it’s probably right.

December 9th, 2008 by Pieratt

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