Mendelsund’s quest for T&A (no really)

Peter Mendelsund tracks down how many clicks it takes to get from one of his covers to a picture of a naked woman on

I’ve been a big fan of the popular website FFFFOUND! since it’s inception. The site is chock-filled with interesting design, curated (for the most part) by users with wide-ranging visual interest and impeccable taste. … Here’s the rub: this associative system invariably leads me, without my knowing it, to an image of a naked lady.

Of course the write-up is accompanied by an infographic.


The whole thing is pretty hilarious. Read the full write-up here. (His blog doesn’t allow deep-linking, so you’ll just have to scroll down a bit.)

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Also, as a bit of self-whoring here, General Projects has a small utility which allows you to download the images in anyone’s ffffound account to your hard drive: It’s not the fastest service in the world (works on a queue system), but it works!

April 10th, 2009 by Pieratt

2 Responses to “Mendelsund’s quest for T&A (no really)”

  1. Mendelsund’s post is hilarious. Thanks for the link!

  2. I must admit, I’d like FFFFOUND! a whole lot more if it wasn’t invite based – I’ve been searching for some time to secure one so I may access the sites features more readily. It seems it’s getting more and more difficult to FFFFIND one (could not help the bad play on words there, sorry), despite the site’s growing popularity.

    I suppose the invite-based approach does serve to keep the kids from posting up LOL-ROFLLL-1111-worthy photos of their cats wearing human clothing or whatever… but I digress! Never the less, it is a good stockpile of visual fodder & design reference…

    Cheers for the links BCA! Keep up the great work with the archive and blog!

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